Why are Docker images being pulled repeatedly even after modification in docker-compose file?

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i have pull all the docker images 0.10.4,and i modify the docker-compose-without-neo4j-dugufeng.quickstart.yml ‘head’ to ‘0.10.4’, then i use docker compose -p datahub -f ./docker-compose-without-neo4j-dugufeng.quickstart.yml up -d start the datahub. why every time i run this, it still pull the images again and again?

docker-compose shouldnt pull again if there is a local copy stored. perhaps in
docker image ls , the full name of the image doesnt match that of the docker-compose file?

it is like this, right?

why not just remove the parsing and check that it will not attempt to pull gms again:P

remove image?

i mean remove the parsing expression in the line image: {DATAHUB_GMS_IMAGE:-linked/datahub-gms}... and just put image: linkedin/datahub-gms:v0.10.4

like this?

ok i understand . i will try.

thank you