Why are some dependencies missing in source code and how to troubleshoot them?

Original Slack Thread

I want to know why some dependencies in some source codes cannot find the corresponding code, for example import com.linkedin.metadata.graph.LineageRelationship;

Hi, could you elaborate on your situation & share the full logs here? Also, could you elaborate on where did you encounter this error?

import com.linkedin.metadata.graph.LineageRelationship;
import com.linkedin.metadata.graph.LineageRelationshipArray;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.Condition;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.ConjunctiveCriterionArray;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.CriterionArray;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.Filter;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.RelationshipDirection;
import com.linkedin.metadata.query.filter.RelationshipFilter;```
There are no relevant dependencies in the source code I pulled. The source code cannot be found here, and the relevant source code cannot be searched.

DataHub uses code generation based on PDL schema definitions. So the Java classes will be generated when you compile the project. But you should rather look at the PDL files instead of the generated Java files to understand the model structures and relations.

More reading here: https://datahubproject.io/docs/metadata-modeling/metadata-model