Troubleshooting 'gradlew build' error in DataHub project on Windows

Original Slack Thread

Hey guys, when I run ‘gradlew build’ to build datahub, I get an error:

Configuration on demand is an incubating feature.

> Task :buildSrc:compileJava FAILED
\datahub\buildSrc\src\main\java\io\datahubproject\ error: Program packagecom.linkedin.metadata.models.registry.config inexistence
import com.linkedin.metadata.models.registry.config.Entities;
D:\_AAAAwork\projects\2\datahub\buildSrc\src\main\java\io\datahubproject\ error: symbol not found
    private Map<String, Entity> entityMap;
  symbol:   class Entity
  position: class OpenApiEntities```

Hey there! :wave: Make sure your message includes the following information if relevant, so we can help more effectively!

  1. Which DataHub version are you using? (e.g. 0.12.0)
  2. Please post any relevant error logs on the thread!

I am running version 1.12.5 on windows

Cannot resolve symbol ‘io’![attachment]({‘ID’: ‘F06S530M5JP’, ‘EDITABLE’: False, ‘IS_EXTERNAL’: False, ‘USER_ID’: ‘U06HUP1ECRW’, ‘CREATED’: ‘2024-04-01 01:22:24+00:00’, ‘PERMALINK’: ‘Slack’, ‘EXTERNAL_TYPE’: ‘’, ‘TIMESTAMPS’: ‘2024-04-01 01:22:24+00:00’, ‘MODE’: ‘hosted’, ‘DISPLAY_AS_BOT’: False, ‘PRETTY_TYPE’: ‘PNG’, ‘NAME’: ‘image.png’, ‘IS_PUBLIC’: True, ‘PREVIEW_HIGHLIGHT’: None, ‘MIMETYPE’: ‘image/png’, ‘PERMALINK_PUBLIC’: ‘’, ‘FILETYPE’: ‘png’, ‘EDIT_LINK’: None, ‘URL_PRIVATE’: ‘Slack’, ‘HAS_RICH_PREVIEW’: False, ‘TITLE’: ‘image.png’, ‘IS_STARRED’: False, ‘PREVIEW_IS_TRUNCATED’: None, ‘URL_PRIVATE_DOWNLOAD’: ‘Slack’, ‘PREVIEW’: None, ‘PUBLIC_URL_SHARED’: False, ‘MESSAGE_TS’: ‘1711934549.196079’, ‘PARENT_MESSAGE_TS’: ‘1711933688.259189’, ‘MESSAGE_CHANNEL_ID’: ‘C029A3M079U’, ‘_FIVETRAN_DELETED’: False, ‘LINES_MORE’: None, ‘LINES’: None, ‘SIZE’: 119967, ‘_FIVETRAN_SYNCED’: ‘2024-04-07 12:56:07.347000+00:00’})

We don’t actively support Windows as a development environment, but also this seems like perhaps you have not built your models yet. Please see the recommended commands for building: , building the entire project is not recommended instead build modules you need specifically.

This error occurred when I was using idea to open the dathub source code, as well as when I executed gradle commands such as gradle build/clean