Creating Subgroups in a Business Glossary Yaml File on Github

Original Slack Thread

Hi there! We use the business glossary via a Yaml file on Github. We have several term groups, but I want to create a subgroups. How can this be done with yaml file?|

Have you tried nesting subgroups under nodes: for a given node?

Here’s an example fragment where the Internal node is nested under the Classification node:

  - name: Classification
    description: A set of terms related to Data Classification
      - label: Wiki link for classification
        url: "<>"
      - name: Internal
        description: Internal terms
          - name: Sensitive
            description: Sensitive Data
              is_confidential: false
          - name: Confidential
            description: Confidential Data
              is_confidential: true
          - name: HighlyConfidential
            description: Highly Confidential Data
              is_confidential: true```

and resulting UIattachment

Thanks a lot! It works