Datahub SSO error: failed to provision user with urn urn:li:corpuser <|>

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Suddenly the datahub SSO configured URL/frontend page gives me below error, what needs to be looked and fix, we have setup datahub using -
Error : failed to perform post authentication steps. error message: failed to provision user with urn urn:li:corpuser|

<@U01GCJKA8P9> might be able to speak to this!

Same situation here, were you able to fix this?

I looked at the datahub gms issue and could not see why gms was not starting properly, resolved it by stopping gms container and removing it then running
python3 -m datahub docker quickstart --quickstart-compose-file /root/.datahub/quickstart/latest_docker-compose.yaml
it recreated all containers and started them and sso work now and data is still there