Troubleshooting "Failed to provision user" error on Datahub running on EKS

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Hi team, first time here. I am running datahub on EKS and facing this issue with frontend:
Failed to perform post authentication steps. Error message: Failed to provision user with urn urn:li:corpuser:my-user
after restarting both gms and frontend the issue goes away temporarily but comes back after few days. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Hello! This thread might be useful -

If you’re still hitting an issue, <@U01JUBAPZPS> might be able to provide some additional guidance!

hi <@U0121TRV0FL>, thanks for replying. I managed to fix this issue with this <|quick fix>
For anyone interested. the fix is setting the following as suggested by Datahub devs:

  value: PlayCacheSessionStore```

Great to hear <@U0657MXGR4N> - how is your deployment going otherwise?