Troubleshooting issues with adding users in Datahub and adjusting user roles

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team.
I‘m trying to start Datahub with Quickstart but now I am having trouble adding users.
I use the Invite Users url to add a new user. But if I sign out, I can’t sign in again and receive an error message: Failed to log in: An unexpected error occurred.
To avoid the above error, I edited the datahub-frontend/conf/user.props to add users. It worked but the reader role can also Manage Ingestion and so on.
Could someone tell me how to solve these two problems?

Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having issues here – I’m not sure we’ve seen that error before… <@U03BEML16LB> any ideas what might be happening?

yeah for this could you provide logs about the unexpected error that occurs from your GMS pod? you should also be able to re-assign roles to users on the users page in settings if they default have the reader role (ie. you can remove a role entirely if you’d like)