Issues with Admin Privileges in DataHub and Troubleshooting DataHubAuthorizer

Original Slack Thread

Hello guys. I’m new to DataHub and tried to start it along to
The processes of deploy seemed to work. I was able to see the login view and also login with default account ( username: datahub, password: datahub ).
But, I couldn’t operate any as Administrator. The view didn’t show the “ingestion” menu and I couldn’t see “Users & Groups” menu in Settings and I even couldn’t open “your profile” menu ( it displayed me “Unauthorized” view ).
I don’t know how to attach the admin auth to this user. I’d appreciate it if you give some suggestion. Thanks.

Check your datahub-frontend service if the DataHubAuthorizer is showing errors. Sometimes I see it in datahub gms also.

Thank you. I’ll do that.

Have you found a way to fix? I’m having the same problem