Troubleshooting Admin Privileges Issue with Docker Quickstart in DataHub

Original Slack Thread

Hello all; I’ve tried running through the docker quickstart a few times and while all of the services come up and I can login, the default user has no admin privileges. I’ve looked through all the support docs I could find and can’t seem to get admin privileges on the UI. Any ideas?

Is the default user named “datahub”? I found when I supplied any other name then the default user did not have admin privileges. (this was the k8s setup for me, but should be similar.)

Yeah; I tried with the default and with different names. It’s quite different through docker instead of helm/k8s

The default is indeed datahub, has any customization been done per this documentation?

I tried without changing anything and making a change. Neither worked.

Please share the GMS container logs in case there was an error loading the default policies.