Deleting all datasets in a container when performing a hard-delete action

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Hello team,
I’m using DataHub v0.12.1
Is there any way to delete all of datasets in container ABC when do hard-delete specific container ABC?
When I tested| api like below, container was deleted but all of datasets were not deleted…
curl "<http://localhost:8082/entities?action=delete>" -X POST --data '{"urn": "urn:li:container:ABC"}'

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  1. Which DataHub version are you using? (e.g. 0.12.0)
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im not sure myself, but i dont think it is possible because there is no way to assign null`` once a dataset has the container` aspect

or at least, it is a behavior observed between 0.8.45 and 0.10.3, not sure about the newer versions

I recently had the same issue. I took the container urn and used datahub cli to clean it up.
Something like this:
datahub delete --query "urn:li:container:34f6742c12006e88d7bec6eec12a2024" -n
Make sure it will delete only the intended data and then run
datahub delete --query "urn:li:container:34f6742c12006e88d7bec6eec12a2024" --hard
You can use --help at the end to see the options you have.

sorry i misread the qn, i thought you were trying to remove the orphaned reference

I checked the above command is working well! --query option can delete unintended datasets easily. Thank you all :smile: