Discussion on Role Management and DataHub Project Updates

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Hey. I see the button to add users to Roles, but how do I remove them from Roles? Or Edit the description for the role, or assiciated policies. If I click on a role it doesn’t give me any editing options


Removing a role can be done similarly.

Oh thank you!

okay that’s weird. On roles page I see users that have the role, but when I look them up in Users page - they all have no roles, so I can’t remove the role. When I click a users page the role is there, but it’s not there in the list of users

Hi Nadia… great news! I confirmed with the team that this was a known bug that has now been resolved… you’ll need to ensure you’re on v 0.13 Here is the fix https://github.com/datahub-project/datahub/commit/c395d86139c773cd374fa6a52587614787580192

<@U059RL34LLB> oh that’s great! I didn’t know v.0.13 was out though, I don’t see it on <https://datahubproject.io/docs/next/releases/|releases page>:thinking_face:

yup 0.13 isn’t quite out yet but we’re finishing up a few blocking issues for the release and we should be issuing it in the next week or two :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great! I wish my DevOps team would let me upgrade that often, but we just upgraded to 0.12.1 so I’ll have to wait :sweat_smile: