Fixing broken image on the welcome screen of homepage

Original Slack Thread

Hey, I am getting a broken image on the welcome screen on the home page at I believe it comes from <datahub/datahub-web-react/src/app/onboarding/config/HomePageOnboardingConfig.tsx at d52818d489baf8e837bd8d748ac30e6c1d900db1 · datahub-project/datahub · GitHub section>. Would it be possible to update this image or url? Thanksattachment

Ah, looks like we need to find that image and put it back up on the web server. I can look into this.

sounds good, thanks for looking into it.

I see the same issue on my helm deployment release 0.3.29 (DataHub v0.12.1)
Is there an issue tracking this?