Resolving DataHub Ingestion Memory Error without Losing Data

Original Slack Thread

Dear DataHub support team, I have faced the message ERROR: The ingestion process was killed, likely because it ran out of memory. You can resolve this issue by ‘allocating more memory to the datahub-actions container.’]} I am not sure I understand if I can increase the memory without new deployment of DataHub (I am afraid I will lose all my content with a new deployment). Could you please advise the best way how to increase the memory ? Thank you very much in advance!

Managed Ingestion (UI ingestion) runs on the datahub-actions pod.
You should increase the memory of that pod.

Thank you <@UV14447EU>, I am trying to run the command like kubectl -n default patch pod datahub-acryl-datahub-actions --patch ‘{“spec”:{“containers”:[{“name”:“acryl-datahub-actions”, “resources”:{“requests”:{“memory”:“2Gi”}, “limits”:{“memory”:“4Gi”}}}]}}’, but it tells me that I am not allowed to change the memory this way.

The alternative is to complete the full deployment with changed yaml from Terraform, but then I am afraid to lose the ingested data

Update the deployment of actions pod, not the running pod definition itself?