Restricting User Access to Data Assets in a Company DataHub

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I turned off All policy which administrator can. However, users can check the list (Checking the contents of the actual entity is blocked.). What should I do if I don’t want to show the list from the user’s perspective?

There is no way. Search cannot be restricted, and views are not for ACL purposes either

<@U01TCN40JKV> Thank you.
I’m asking for advice.
When using a datahub within a company, what strategy should be taken when each user should show only the their own data assets they are responsible for?

Can I create a datahub for each domain organization?

Should I create multiple datahubs responsible for each domain organization and allow each domain organization to manage the datahubs?

depends on how large your domains or teams are I guess.
We use a combination of ownership policies and domain-based policies for managing who can do/see what.
But as <@U01TCN40JKV> already said you cannot prevent that people can see the names of the entities they are not allowed to see details.
But to be honest one goal of a data catalog is transparency and maybe its not that bad if people can see some more datasets :shrug: