Troubleshooting a Datahub Local Setup Error: Services Not Running Properly

Original Slack Thread

hello team, i am trying to run datahub locally , however i am getting error, please help me in fixing it: logs:

Unable to run quickstart - the following issues were detected:

  • datahub-frontend-react is not running
  • datahub-actions is not running
  • datahub-gms is not running
  • datahub-upgrade is still running
  • schema-registry is not running
  • broker is not running

If you think something went wrong, please file an issue at
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Be sure to attach the logs from /var/folders/ht/5_bmnlz514v2rsv19zlbdfz838n9fk/T/tmpdx6_5ggt.log

datahub version 0.12.0

Did you run datahub docker quickstart. You need to wait until everything is started.