Confusion regarding versions and repositories for Acryldata Docker Hub images

Original Slack Thread

are the acryldata docker hub repos no longer recommended for use, and we should use the linkedin ones instead?

i take that back, it’s a mix in here which is super confusing:

and the acryldata repos have v0.12.1.1 but some dont have v0.12.1, and the last release on github is v0.12.1. its pretty confusing trying to understand where we should pull images from and what version we’re supposed to use since there a mix of repos used in the helm charts and the repos dont have consistent versions between them and the github releases.

and the site says the latest version is 0.12.0

and this acryldata repo doesnt have a v0.12.1.1, so i cant use a consistent version across all my images.

and now GMS wont start because

Latest system update version: v0.12.1-0```
because there's no upgrade image for <;name=v>

i opened a bug on github about this because we lose hours to these versioning mix and match issues every time we try to upgrade and now that there’s a check to the sub-patch version level it’s impossible to get things to line up

seems like this is where things are actually being published, so going to asume it’s the best source of truth out there for now