Resolving Upgrade Errors in Datahub version 0.10.5 in GKE

Original Slack Thread

hey team - I’m upgrading datahub version in our GKE from 0.10.4 → 0.10.5
then I started to see error messages from UI landing page
Validation error (FieldsConflict@[searchAcrossEntities]) : ‘searchResults/entity/entities/total’ : fields have different nullability shapes (code undefined
Validation error (FieldUndefined@[appConfig/visualConfig/entityProfiles]) : Field ‘entityProfiles’ in type ‘VisualConfig’ is undefined (code undefined)
Failed to load results! An unexpected error occurred.

Basically the steps I took:
• change all images tag from v0.10.4 → v0.10.5
• run a system-upgrade job (-u SystemUpdate) of v0.10.5
Is this the correct for upgrading version?

no worries I found the issue
I used frontend image from linkedin but gms from acryldata, changing to from the same linkedin/ ones works

But surprisingly they are not aligned

hi <@U05EK72CCKH>, can you explain more pls? Use helm with linkedin is frontend and arcyldata is gms, now i need to change gms to linkedin right ?