Troubleshooting a Bug in Domain Page Visibility

Original Slack Thread

Hi, I anyone experienced a bug in Domain page. where in a certain domain is not showing in the side panel (under “Search Domains” bar) ? but shows in the domains list

It will show when I zoom out the browser say 65%

<@U06TM7M40RK> are you able to assist here?

It looks like you’re experiencing a display issue where a certain domain is not visible in the side panel under the “Search Domains” bar but appears in the domains list. This issue resolves when you zoom out the browser to around 65%.

Based on the information from the provided data sources, there are a few potential areas to investigate:

  1. UI Rendering Issue: This might be related to how the UI components are rendered and displayed. According to the|DomainNode.tsx file, the domains are displayed in a structured manner. The visibility issue could be due to CSS or component rendering logic.

  2. Zoom and Display Scaling: The issue appearing at different zoom levels suggests it might be related to how the CSS handles scaling. The DomainsWrapper component in the|RootDomains.tsx file uses overflow: auto, which might not handle scaling well at certain zoom levels.

  3. Bug in Visualization Library: As mentioned in another context, there might be bugs in the visualization libraries used, such as the @visx/zoom package, which could potentially affect how elements are displayed when zoomed (|source).

Would you like more detailed steps on how to potentially debug or resolve this issue?