Troubleshooting Python Version for Datahub CLI

Original Slack Thread

Hi All, could somebody help me with python verion to run for cli? for python i have yu.gavrilov@S7-13-038829:~$ python --version
Python 2.7.16
yu.gavrilov@S7-13-038829:~$ python3 --version
Python 3.12.0 How to make datahub cli running with python3? it is alsways say me to update /home/yu.gavrilov@group.s7/.local/bin/datahub:5: FutureWarning: DataHub will require Python 3.8 or newer soon. Please upgrade your Python version to continue using DataHub. from datahub.entrypoints import main This command is disabled due to missing dependencies. Please run pip install acryl-datahub-actions to enable it.

Hi Yuriy, it looks like your system is defaulting to an older version of Python; have you tired prefixing your datahub commands with python3 -m?

For example:

python3 -m datahub docker quickstart```

i’ve reinstal everything and it seams to be good but now have errors with actions… maybe need to delete evething agin and make fresh intall